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With savings that are unattainable from legacy insurance plans, you can help your clients offer better benefits at a lower cost.

Here’s what leaders say about Vitori Health

CEO, Aquisitional PE-Based Holding Company:

“Healthcare was our third largest expense and the constant increases were a drag on earnings growth. Vitori allowed us to reduce healthcare expenses by almost a third and boost EBITDA without pushing the cost to our employees. This let us further invest in our team, freeing up dollars for recruitment, increasing 401(k) company contribution, strengthening employee retention programs, and more. I strongly recommend Vitori as a strategic health plan partner to control inexcusable healthcare overspending.”

Operating Partner,

Private Equity:

“We introduced Vitori Health to our portfolio

companies and have been very pleased with the results. Reducing our healthcare expenses by 30% (without shifting costs to employees or reducing benefits coverage) has enhanced EBITDA and ultimately, exit valuation. Vitori has been key to managing healthcare overspend and flattening the cost trend of this critical line item, supporting our focus on end-to-end value enhancement.”

CHRO, Software Development:

“ The transition to Vitori required a little

member education but frankly, it wasn’t

much more than moving between old health

insurance companies. The Vitori concierge

team was helpful with our members and

once people got acclimated, things were


Benefits VP, Construction:

“Of all the benefits we offer, we get the most

compliments on the Vitori preferred surgery

program. People can’t believe their costs are

waived and they rave about the concierge


Senior Benefits Advisor:

“ So many carriers and third-party

administrators say they can save money, but

no one puts their money where their mouth is

with a $1M guarantee. Vitori stands alone in

delivering substantial savings, making it a

very attractive solution for our clients.”

Managing Director, Private Equity

“One of the key upsides of Vitori Health is its

ability to create long-term cost suppression and

value capture. Employers finally have more

control over what happens on the healthcare

journey and can deliver better member services

with much-needed operational-expense



Industry firsts you won’t find anywhere else:

40% Savings over PBMs | Acquisition cost controls, formulary safeguards, clinical management, agile drug sourcing, and specialty Rx cost protection yield unmatched savings.

No Spread Pricing | Proprietary technology generates lowest acquisition const contractual pricing-what’s paid to the pharmacy is what the employer pays.

No Low-value, Rebate-driven Drugs | Our drug formulary is uniquely constructed using advanced clinical comparative effectiveness research

More Transparent | A low per-script fee with no hidden charges, shared savings, or rebate retention, plus open and accurate data access.

Full Pass-through or Rebates Monthly | Unique construction allows access to manufacturer credits unavailable to PBM’s plus drug-level rebate reporting.

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